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With 6 successful years of history and all sold out events, the BBFest is excited to be going into year 7 in 2022 with another huge line-up of raw talent from the UK and beyond.

With an ever growing community, Breaking Bands Festival has established itself as the festival season opening party. Free camping, free parking, no ticket fees and no VIP, because we see everyone as equal.

Join us and you too will ‘DISCOVER YOUR NEW FAVOURITE BAND!’


We couldn’t have done it without YOU ALL! With everyones help we have raised £4,000 which will help the festival’s future after 2 very difficult years on the sidelines due to the pandemic. We are raring to go for next year and just cannot wait to get it going again. Thanks to those who donated, thanks to those who gifted prizes, thanks to those who shared and promoted the fundraiser. Breaking Bands is a true community festival.

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We have less than 100 ...tickets left for Breaking Bands Festival 2022.
With our deposit scheme you can reserve a weekend pass for just £10
Grab them quick at https://breakingbandsfestival.com/buy/tickets
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Check out ...the band: Amongst Liars
Performing at next years festival.
Reserve a ticket for just £10 today

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Breaking Bands ...Festival has always had a backstory behind each years logo design.

From the first beginning with the leaf, which then grew to a branch then a tree with roots growing into branches representing grassroots bands growing into something stronger. The single raven flying above represented the photo taken on the day the festival idea came together and that raven is the actual photo too. The raven duplicated as years went on too and you saw them flying the nest by year 4 and 5.

If you remember as we got to the 5th year, we had the image of the world in jigsaw pieces. This represented our 5 year plan where all the pieces came together as we'd planned.

In 2020 we went with the eye design which was to represent the 6th year, Roman numerals of VI and as this was 2020 the eye was a clever representation of 2020 perfect vision and VI for visually impaired. This was our way of saying everyone is accepted and included at BBFest.

We made a slight adjustment to the eye to include computer type virus as we had to postpone the festival due to covid and instead, we hosted a virtual event.

So for the 7th festival, VII in 2022... can you come up with a design? We'd love to see some great creative works and if there is a backstory represented in the art, even better.

Get your thinking caps on. You have until 13th August. Email your designs to info@breakingbandsfestival.com

The winner will receive a Breaking Bands Festival goodie bag which will include 2 weekend tickets to next years festival, a t-shirt with their design on and a whole host of other goodies.


We know there is still a lot of uncertainty and concerns for many people when it comes to live events. Breaking Bands Festival is still 10 months away but we feel we wanted to address these concerns about Covid.

As many of you will know, earlier this year we launched a £10 deposit ticket scheme with the balance to be paid in October of this year. This was to help those who have been affected by the pandemic financially but still wanted to come to the festival next year.

There are a lot of festivals happening around August time and we are obviously monitoring the results of their safety measures as this will give us an insight into our own plans for next year. It is of course, too early for us to announce our extra safety measures right now but we will give this information at the earliest point we can.

So, in light of this we have decided to extend the deposit scheme to give more people the chance to book a ticket with just a £10 deposit. All balances (including those who have already paid a deposit) will not need to be paid now until 1st March 2022.

Grab your £10 deposit tickets while stocks last (less than 100 tickets remaining) from https://breakingbandsfestival.com/buy/tickets

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We've been staring at the same poster since 2019 when we revealed the 2020 line-up. 2 years later and still a year away from the same event, we thought we would do a re-design. Then, after a chat we thought... maybe the community would like to come up with something?

So, its competition and inspiration time and this is open to all ages. We want a new logo to represent on the line-up poster, website, flyers, merchandise, social media to promote next years festival.

Ideas could come from the past festivals, could be something that represents the new normal we now live in, could be something that represents the community, the music or anything else you wish. The design must have Breaking Bands Festival 7 (or VII) included on the design.

All entries will be taken into consideration and we'd love to see lots from everyone young or old. Competition entries must be emailed to us no later than Friday 13th August 2021 and we shall announce a winning entry Friday 27th August 2021. Email your designs to info@breakingbandsfestival.com with your name and city you live in.

The winner will receive a Breaking Bands Festival goodie bag which will include 2 weekend tickets to next years festival, a t-shirt with their design on and a whole host of other goodies.

Breaking Bands Festival are very pleased and ...proud to announce that we have a fantastic new stage sponsor on board for 2022, the 7th edition of BBFest. We'd like to welcome media company Emerging Rock Bands who run a digital radio station alongside a printed glossy music magazine. The indoor stage will be renamed 'The Emerging Rock Bands Stage' and we could not be any prouder of this great partnership.

Read the full story here: https://bit.ly/bbferb22

Breaking Bands has always done their bit to help ...the environment from the first festival back in 2015. Recently, they were invited to join the Vision 2025 Pledge to make even more changes to lessen our impact on the planet. The team said at a recent staff meeting “We’ve taken the #Vision2025 pledge with @EventVision2025 – aiming to cut our environmental impacts by 50% by 2025”.

The pledge covers important areas such as energy, water & resources, food, travel and governance.

Alison Booden a member of the ground crew at the festival will be heading up the 2025 Pledge as Eco Officer on behalf of Breaking Bands coming up with new ideas, changes that can be made and anything else we can do as a community event to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Click the link to read more... https://breakingbandsfestival.com/breaking-bands-festival-signs-the-vision-2025-pledge-to-reduce-environmental-impact/

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Breaking Bands Festival - The Award Winning ...Communtiy event since 2015. The Original Festival for all the family.

17 festival award nominations
9 finalist award places
2 winner awards

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We have started putting together a 🔥 heat map ...🔥 for Breaking Bands Festival 2022. If we have missed your postcode area, let us know in the comments if you are coming to the festival next year! #3yearsinthemaking #FestivalReunion #thebbfest

We've always said at Breaking Bands Festival... we are blessed with the best fans and most awesome bands. The raffle draw helped massively towards our fundraiser total so we would again like to thank everyone for over 300 tickets purchased. We have done a random draw for the prizes and they are as follows. Congratulations to all those 10 winners, you have some epic prizes that will get sent out to you next week. And of course, the bands and sponsors who have donated such amazing prizes, we once again thank you so much.

Ticket Number: 80
Winner: Emma Hopkinson-Spark
Prizes drawn:
Devilfire - Merch bundle
Revival Black - CD & DVD
BBFest Bundle
A Ritual Spirit - Merch Bundle

Ticket Number: 110
Winner: John McVitty
Prizes drawn:
Titan Breed - T-Shirt & CD
Quiet The Thief - merch bundle
Roulette Media Bundle
£25 bar voucher to spend at Breaking Bands Festival 2022

Ticket Number: 123
Winner: Mark Jackson
Prizes drawn:
Neck - Signed t-shirt
Hats Off Gentlemen - Merch bundle
BBFest Bundle

Ticket Number: 154
Winner: Robert Sykes
Prizes drawn:
The Darker My Horizon - Triple CD bundle and EP
Tone Tanner - CD
Roulette Media Bundle
Massive Wagons - Drum Skins Used on House of Noise album

Ticket Number: 163
Winner: Lee Mellows
Prizes drawn:
Hollowstar - Merch bundle
Cry For Mercy - Signed album & both EP's
BBFest Bundle

Ticket Number: 203
Winner: Bill Huggins
Prizes drawn:
Blue Nation - T-Shirt, CD & Vinyl bundle
King Kraken - CD & t-shirt
Roulette Media Bundle
A toured pedal train pedal board with 3-4 pedals

Ticket Number: 215
Winner: Ian Hall
Prizes drawn:
Sellsword - CD
Ghosts Of Men - T-Shirt & CD or Vinyl
BBFest Bundle

Ticket Number: 225
Winner: Matthew Dingley
Prizes drawn:
The Mighty Wraith - CD & t-shirt
Silverjet - T-Shirt & CD
Roulette Media Bundle
Kyrbgrinder - Signed broken cymbal

Ticket Number: 242
Winner: Darren Golding
Prizes drawn:
Little Terry - CD & t-shirt
Sons Of Liberty - Merch bundle
BBFest Bundle
PsychoDollz - merch bundle

Ticket Number: 302
Winner: Tan Roberts
Prizes drawn:
Secrets of Mariana - CD & t-shirt
Ryan Webb - Merch bundle
Roulette Media Bundle
£50 food voucher to spend at Breaking Bands Festival 2022 (thanks to JW Catering)

In just 12 months time, hundreds of people will be in full party mode as Breaking Bands Festival 3 year wait to continue the award winning event comes to an end (all being well). In the meantime, the team are extremely proud and super grateful to bands, media and customers for their support during the 2 month fundraiser started at the end of March 2021.

It was always going to be a tall order to raise the £5,000 that the team had as a target during such testing times for everyone both financially and generally.

So it gives us great pleasure to announce that barring a few pennies, the funraiser is closed with a fantastic £4,000 raised. This is an awesome tally and will go towards the costs that the festival has lost over the last 2 years in advertising funds, hire fees lost, licence for the festival, accountancy fees and more.

Festival Director Jay said "We had great hopes that the fundraiser could hit 50% of the target as that would at least give us a bit of the lost funds back but to reach a staggering 80% exceeds all our expectations and goes to show the true love and respect our festival community has for Breaking Bands Festival itself. Not only have they helped us raise much needed funds but they have bagged themselves some very cool merchandise and a superb double CD too!".

The double CD album 'What's In Your Head?' has sold over 300 copies not just in the UK but internationally too.

There is some more news coming very soon from the BBFest HQ regarding next years much anticipated return to the scene. More bands to be announced, more plans to be announced and more news about the next big step for the festival. In the meantime, from all of the team we can only once again say thank you for your continued support. Please all stay safe, enjoy the return to festivals and gigs and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Good morning ...campers... its almost time for the BBFest Fundraiser prize draw where we have hundreds of pounds worth of prizes to give away!
Today, everyone who made their £2 donations will receive prize draw numbers, one for each entry via an email so look out for that. On Sunday 30th May 2021 at 14:00 (2pm) UK time we shall go Facebook Live to pick out the 10 lucky winners. We really hope you can join us for the short live video.
#thebbfest #fundraiser #inittowinit

The Breaking Bands Fundraiser Prize Competition, Just £2 per entry from the website. Live draw 30th May with 10 prizes ranging from £75 to £200 up for grabs. More info at https://breakingbandsfestival.com

Prize List Includes...

@devilfireofficial – Merch bundle
@titanbreed – T-Shirt & CD
@neck_londonirish_psychoceilidh – Signed t-shirt
@darkerhorizonuk – Triple CD bundle and EP
@hollowstarband – Merch bundle
@blue._.nation – T-Shirt, CD & Vinyl bundle
@sellswordmetal – CD
@themightywraithuk – CD & t-shirt
@little_terryakathebairn – CD & t-shirt
@somofficial – CD & t-shirt
@revivalblackofficial – CD & DVD
@kyrbgrinder1960 – Signed broken cymbal
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Merch bundle
@tone_tanner – CD
@cryformercyofficial – Signed album and both EP’s
@kingkrakenuk – CD & t-shirt
@ghostsofmen – T-Shirt & CD or Vinyl
@silverjetofficial – T-Shirt & CD
@sonsoflibertybanduk – Merch bundle
@webbofficialuk – Merch bundle
@massivewagons – Drum Skins Used on House of Noise album
5 x @rouletterecordsofficial – merch bundles (£60 value each)
@@quietthethief – merch bundle
Psycho Dollz – merch bundle
5 x Breaking Bands Festival – Merch Bundles (£40 value each)
@aritualspirit – Merch Bundle

Also, a toured pedal train pedal board with 3-4 pedals included

£50 food voucher to spend at Breaking Bands Festival 2022 courtesy of JW Catering

£25 bar voucher to spend at Breaking Bands Festival 2022 courtesy of Stoke Prior Sports Club

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The @bluenationmusic guys have got their double ...CD now. Have you got yours yet? Don't forget to tag #thebbfest on socials with your selfies

The wristbands have now arrived so time for ...another trip to the post office. 3rd time in a week and another 60 parcels today. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser, we are close to our target goal of £5,000!