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Breaking Bands Double CD Album *Limited & Numbered*


This limited edition 2 CD album comes in a custom digipack and is numbered too. 29 artists that are performing at Breaking Bands Festival in 2022 have donated a track each for this fundraising gift to help the festival raise money for future events.

Going on the CD’s are: Amongst Liars, Blue Nation, Collateral, Cry For Mercy, Dendera, Devilfire, Eagles vs Drones, Ghosts of Men, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Little Terry, Midnite City, Neck, Revival Black, Ryan Webb, Scare Tactics, Secrets of Mariana, Sellsword, Silverjet, Sons of Liberty, Spidervayne, Splintered Halo, Stand Amongst Giants, The Darker My Horizon, The Mighty Wraith, The Silver Lines, Thunderstick, Titan Breed, Tone Tanner, Trident Waters

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Track Listing:

Band Name Track
The Darker My Horizon Still Alive
The Mighty Wraith Omniscience
Cry For Mercy Automatic Breakdown
Ryan Webb Insomnia
Trident Waters Six Feet Under
Amongst Liars Wolf Machine
Ghosts of Men Tell Me Why
Splintered Halo Diabolus
Sons of Liberty UK Dixie Whiskey
Silverjet Everybody Used To Love You
Devilfire Sell My Soul
Revival Black Wide Awake
Midnite City Give Me Love
Sellsword Unto The Breach


Band Name Track
Secrets of Mariana Chinese Whispers
Eagles vs Drones King Of Disbelief
Titan Breed Destined To Fail
Blue Nation Gimme Some Time
Tone Tanner Inside Job
Little Terry Johnny Half A Day
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate Sixth Extinction
Scare Tactics Remain
Stand Amongst Giants Broken
The Silver Lines Skin
Spidervayne Sundance
Thunderstick Go Sleep With The Enemy
Collateral Can’t Hold Me Down
Dendera Reborn
Neck Spancil Hill (Lockdown Version)


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