Splintered Halo

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Splintered Halo

We are Splintered Halo.
We are but marionettes in a puppet show.
We take the soul of a character and embody them.
Elizabeth Bathory, Harley Quinn, Dorothy Gale…
We become them. They deserve no less…
We build a song from the ground up to tell their twisted tales.
Are we metal? Yes, yes…of course.
But we are more than that.
We are baroque, we are circus, we are rockabilly, we are…
We are whatever the character needs us to be.
Our lyrics tell only part of their story.
Our voice is their voice and they want to be heard.
We have no accent, no dialect but that which they give us.
If they are a child, we are children…
If they are demonic, satanic, evil…
Well…we will spit, and growl and roar.
They possess us, move us…
We belong to the characters and they to us.
We are Splintered Halo.
We are no one.

For fans of: Avatar, Gogol Bordello, Infected Rain

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