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Starting as a three piece acoustic act, James, Chez and Sime were playing local haunts armed with an arsenal of classic grunge and rock covers, this led very quickly to demands for them to play full gigs. With their vocal and guitar harmonies hitting home from the outset, forming a band and playing the covers to ever increasing audiences just wasn’t enough for the band, there were songs brewing and the time was right to unleash them.

2012 saw RESIN playing many venues in the UK supporting bands such as DR & THE MEDICS, VOODOO SIX, SLAM CARTEL, INTERNAL CONFLICT, SPIRYTUS, MORDECAI, to name but a few.

Receiving regular airtime on radio stations around the world and multiple acoustic BBC sessions, RESIN rounded off 2012 to a capacity crowd at the “EMBRACE THE FALL” album launch party.

With the album now on sale, 2013 became a very busy year for the band. Behind the scenes new songs were being put together already, plenty of gigs were being played as always, and the highlight of the year for RESIN was being invited to play BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL on the Jagermeister stage and the crowd really got into the acoustic side of Resin!

2014 is proving to be a very busy year for Resin, with the Breaking Boundaries tour completed, they have now been hand-picked to play the Sophie stage at ALT FEST and have also won their heat in the M2TM final so will be seen playing the New Blood stage at BLOODSTOCK.

On October 18th Resin will be releasing their new EP, ‘Persecution Complex’. This EP is the result of months of hard work in the studio that has resulted in their finest piece of work to date. 2015 has seen line-up changes and a brief hiatus while the new members settled into the band, but the new energy and ability that they’ve brought with them has taken Resin to new levels of excellence.

A unique mixture of grunge and hard, heavy rock, Resin have already made their mark on the UK touring circuit and with their new release, they’re planning on taking that even further.
Their inaugural gig with their new line-up at Breaking Bands Festival earlier this year left people absolutely raving about their sound. Almost as many people are raving about the truly fantastic shirts that Simon is never seen without – where he gets them from, we’ll never know…

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