Reign Of Fury

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Reign Of Fury

Coming from a background of punk and metal bands including 4ft Fingers and Gash Reign of Fury is the coming together 5 people who’s only aim is to play music they love.

Reign of Fury wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, and create powerful, technical, melody driven metal which has taken them from strength to strength in the UK metal scene since the release of their debut album World Detonation in 2012.

Hosting two annual Headbangers Balls tours in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in 2013/14, the band have established themselves as standard bearers for the new wave of British Thrash.

The release of their second album Death Be Thy Shepherd has been accompanied by exceptional reviews from around the globe, and they are currently one of the most in-demand bands on the UK tour scene.

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