Reign Of Fury, the festival’s Friday night headline band have teamed up with their recently retired bass player Paul Bielby for a bit of a charity night.

Paul Bielby - Reign of FuryPaul, who has been the bands bass player for 2 years has recently announced his early end to his musical career on grounds of health. A guy who has a great personality and loves the music will have found it very hard to make the decision but it was one that had to be done. He recently won ‘Best Bass Player’ 2015 at the TBFM Music Industry Awards too.

Having announced his retirement, Paul has also announced he is offering up his long locks of hair for a charity head shave to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Paul’s story “My son Bruce Lyam Bielby was born with a skull deformation, the center of his skull hadn’t formed correctly and as a result his airways were severely obstructed.

The amazing doctors and nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital not only saved his life, but have seemingly left him with no permanent after effects of his condition.

This was the most terrifying time of my life and the staff not only took care of my son, but of my wife and I too, they are truly remarkable in their care and understanding

There wasn’t a particular event location planned for the head shave until festival owner Jason spoke to Paul about having it at Breaking Bands Festival. As Paul will be coming along as a punter anyway to support the bands, it seemed a fitting place to do it with a lot of friends, the band and the fans of Paul and Reign Of Fury.

So live on stage Friday 27th May Paul will have all his hair shaved off and hopes to keep the total money topping up. His original target of £100 was smashed in days and so was raised up to £500. So far, around £350 has already been pledged! CLICK HERE FOR CHARITY DONATION PAGE

When hearing about the charity event, venue manager Mark Goddard also wanted to chip in and with the permission and backing of the brewery (Marstons) there will be a festival guest ale on tap all weekend. 10% of the profits of the ale will go into the pot for Paul’s charity event to help raise even more money while everyone has a good old drink too.

This is where the final bit comes in… we need a name for the ale. We want all your suggestions for what to call our weekend guest ale so the brewery can make us a custom clip for the handle which we will raffle/auction off at the end of the weekend with the money going into the pot too.

All you need to do is go to www.breakingbandsfestival.com/guestale and fill in your top choices and we will announce one of them in May ready for the big party!

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