Here we go again folks! The award winning Breaking Bands Festival is super excited to be announcing yet more bands for next years 5th Anniversary event.

Now fully established as a top weekend for bands, fans and families, the BBFest team are still hard at work making the festival even better.

We announced recently that we would be bringing back 5 bands from each of the previous 4 years festivals and they would be bands voted for by the people that make the festival happen… YOU!

We’ve had a fantastic chat with our Foundation Members over the Summer and they have told us who they want returning on next years festival.

So before we announce 8 more returning bands, we would like to start by saying that possibly one of the most enjoyable and most popular performances of this year was Witch Tripper who we had already announced recently but we are proud to say we have asked them to headline Saturday night main stage. Stoff was pretty damn excited and said “was awesome this year so deffo gonna be regular now”.

Onto the bands that we are adding to this already awesome line-up and we start at year 1. What a year this was. Thinking back at a first year festival with no one knowing what to expect but the bands did their thing and did it well. So from London, we welcome back heavy rockers Death Valley Knights who have gone from strength to strength just like the festival so it will be great to see them back. Also from 2015, festival regular attendees Quiet The Thief will be back again. We always find it great to see bands who have performed the festival come back as part of the crowd and QTT have been ever present.

2016 was again, epic! I seem to remember a lot of jaws drop at the sight and sound of Leeds rock band Chasing Dragons. Many had not heard of them but were treated to some incredible music. What a great band and great bunch of people too. Also from 2016 we were so so impressed with German metal band Godslave, we told them they would definitely be back one day. So good was their performance the previous year at Beermageddon Festival that they were booked for BBFest 2 on the spot and so good were they at BBFest that Jim re-booked them for 2017 Beermageddon. They are a true fan favourite and we know they will smash it once again.

Can this festival get any better? Well, we go on to 2017 now, BBFest 3 and at the point where the festival really establishes itself in the music calendar. And it was the 2nd year in a row we had Coventry band Superhooch join us on stage after their first year camping stage. They returned in 2018 on acoustic as part of another band (Octogoth) which made people laugh and cry. So are we just gluttons for punishment or have Superhooch become the household name of BBFest? Who cares, they are fucking awesome and we are so pleased they are returning again.

Headliner addition now. This band have been long time friends of the team behind BBFest for almost a decade now. They tore the place apart with their sub-headline set last year so we couldn’t ask them to play any other slot than a headliner. Friday night is well known as party night and the guys from up norf are ready to bring the party again. With that build up, we proudly and excitingly announce the return of Falling Red and in their own words… if you ain’t down with the rock…. **** off!

So finally to this year. Just a few months ago many of the BBFest crowd had their first taster of 2 bands that the team knew already. In fact Festival Director Jay had been raving about a Portuguese rock/metal band that was about to take the UK by storm. Their rocking stage set was one thing but to see 200 people crammed in the acoustic tent and brought to tears with the emotional set The Royal Blasphemy belted out was a sight indeed. Never seen so much emotion not just from stage but the crowd. Now in the midst of a permanent move to the UK, this band are a pleasure to watch and superb guys to chat to. Really glad they wanted to come back again.

Finally as they say last but not least… first band on Sunday morning this year, they set the fire alarm off and we have to evacuate the building. This set the camp site into excitement wondering what the hell was going on. When all was cleared and we all went back in… so many folk crammed in to see Leeds rap metallers Pulverise do their thang! They absolutely tore Stoke Prior a new one and then some. This band has been making waves this year and by next year they will not be a breaking band as we believe they will have broken through. The craziest bunch you will ever share your breakfast with!

So there we have it folks. 8 more bands as chosen by YOU. We still have more bands to announce and you will definitely be discovering more new favourite bands at the UK’s favourite festival.

Ticket Info: Some festivals will tell you that tickets are selling fast just to get you to buy early. Others are telling you because it is true. We have sold out 4 years running well in advance and at present we could be sold out by the end of the year. With the line-up announcement above, we can definitely see that happening. As of today we have 152 tickets left so we may not even release day tickets at all.

Remember a weekend ticket also includes a bonus Thursday night and there WILL be some entertainment in the outdoor stage for that. We will also have some activities during Friday daytime before the bands kick off at 6pm.

Tickets via the website and for 2 weeks only… NO BOOKING FEES!

Band applications are still open but will close END OF SEPTEMBER so if you know a band that would be a great addition, you need to tag em and tell em to get applying via the website

Band Line-Up so far is:

Absolva (Special Guests)
Cadence Noir
Chasing Dragons
Death Valley Knights
Falling Red (Friday Headliner)
Footprints In The Custard
Gin Annie
Hell’s Addiction
Hell’s Gazelles
Quiet The Thief
Seething Akira
The Heretic Order
The Midnight Dogs
The Royal Blasphemy
Trucker Diablo (Sunday Headliner)
Ward XVI
Witch Tripper (Saturday Headliner)


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