BBFest Fundraiser


What’s it all about then?

As the pandemic began back in March 2020 and businesses started getting financially hit the Government promised to help out. A year later and many businesses including Breaking Bands Festival have received absolutely zero funding help no matter how many times we applied.

With the festival being postponed in 2020 and then again for 2021 it has left the festival down on funds for 2022. The Directors have said they will personally fill up the £5,000 hole should they have to but after a round of think tanks with members of the team and the public, a fundraiser was suggested and work began.

So, as a community, Breaking Bands Festival are offering a full range of merch for sale in the hope that profits from sales will help to bridge the financial gap and guarantee the festivals future far beyond 2022.

We hope you enjoy what we have put on sale and can make a purchase or two over the coming months. The fundraiser will stay live throughout 2021 or until we reach the target.

Prize Competition for Donations

Bands and companies have been kind enough to offer us some amazing prizes for us to give away in a ‘prize competition’ which is a bit like a raffle but its totally free. All we ask is you make a £2 donation to the fundraiser (or multiples of £2) and we’ll add your name into the prize pool.
There are so many prizes to give away we have decided to make 10 bundles with the values ranging from £75 to over £200! Click the button below for all the prizes on offer and to donate (take part)…