A Tower Of Crows

A Tower Of Crows

A Tower Of Crows

We as a band are still unsure of what we sound like though we have been likened to Sabbath, Kyus, Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch etc so it looks like we have a stoner feel with maybe a hint of doom.

As for our influences,well there are just far too many to mention but here are just a few that at least one of us at some point has been influenced by: Black Sabbath, Pantera, Guns’n’ Roses, Tool, Faith No More, Down, Led Zeppelin, Black Label Society, Deftones and Pearl Jam,the list goes on.

But with so many different tastes it’s amazing that we manage to agree on anything we do in the rehearsal room and yet somehow it works and we really do enjoy our music, we hope you will too!


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