Another Festival Announcement – Bring on the Acoustics, the Punk and the Dirty Rock n Roll!

Here we go again, the 3rd of our 4 July announcements for Breaking Bands Festival 2016. We have already announced 15 amazing bands for next year and now for one more for the main stage.

Scotland seems to be full of awesome bands and we are delighted to be bringing one of them down from North of the border. We felt we needed some dirty, sleazy rock n roll and there is no better band to cover this than THUNDERFUCK AND THE DEADLY ROMANTICS.

“From the gutters of debauchery creep the Deadly Romantics. Slung low halos captured the hearts of the weak and the souls of the lost. Rising from the crimson hills of lost love, and the battle torn streets of yesterday, to mingle with the old rock and rollers of tomorrow. They walk among you, drinking your women and smoking your shadows, crawling before the behemoths of rock.”


Lets not leave it there. At our first festival the buskers stage was such a hit we had to bring it back for 2016 but even bigger and better so our good friend Ian Bourne (the good looking bald guy singing the zombie song!) will be the weekend compare for the buskers tent and will be keeping the crowd entertained in between other acts (like those who turn up late or go to Stoke on Trent instead!).

We will be making the acoustic sets longer over the weekend and even open it up for Friday too. Not only that but each late afternoon, main stage will have a break and we will have a special guest act both Saturday and Sunday. Now to introduce them to you.

On Saturday we will be bringing possibly the most crazy and entertaining band around. They will invite the public to come and join them with their oil drum tribal and punk sets (watch the video). They are JESUS HOOLIGAN, a band with so much imagination they make their sounds from tractors, angle grinders, drills and anything you can hit like buckets and scaffold bars!

“Jesus Hooligan have grown in number, with the addition Arup on Drums, and extra Barrell Bashers including but not a complete list, Adam Smith, Rick Pistol, David Himbrey, Ann Sanders, Debbie Thomas plus many many more. Jesus Hooligan also encourages the audience to get involved and hit barrells with them in their live sets, this quite often makes things very interesting. Their live sets are alot of fun and very energetic, when on stage they’re less like a band and more like a full on army going to war!”
For more info on Jesus Hooligan, this video gives fantastic insight into who they are and what they’re about: [youtube_sc url=”″]


And Sunday’s acoustic headliner is not a stranger to the big stage as well as the small. He will already be performing as part of the headline band at the end of the night with Blaze Bayley so we are extremely excited to have a full acoustic set from the amazing and hard working talent of Absolva’s front man CHRIS APPLETON.

Chris talking about his latest solo album “People are asking me.. why another album? .. why another project? … and it’s in the title.. ‘Restless’. Whenever I come back from a tour I’m always waiting for the next one. Whenever I record an album, I can’t wait to record the next. I really would spend all my time on tour if I could. So, I’m trying to make that happen. I’ve had a great time recording this album in Belgium, on days off during the latest Absolva tour. The result is great. It’s excellent to have Wizz Wizzard singing on it and even my brother Luke played some guitar and wrote a couple of the songs. Something different and I think you’ll like it!”


So there we go. Another great announcement to digest and we will have one more on Monday 27th July before we sit back and check the last of the applications. There will be more announcements and news over the next few months and a final band announcement on its way as we hit the Autumn so keep checking the website, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

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