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Reward Points Scheme

 What is the Reward Points Scheme? Well, we reward you with points when you use the website.
  • Logging in daily (once a day)
  • Sharing posts and pages to all your favourite social sites
  • Using the forum (starting posts, replies etc)
  • Buying tickets and merch
  • Reading newsletter emails

*there is an anti cheat mode with this. Anyone found using the system to boost points (posting a ton of forum posts making no real attempt to use it properly) will have points deducted or completely removed from the rewards system.

How to earn reward points:

  1. Registering

    When you register on the festival website either with Twitter or Facebook logins we will reward you with 10 points to get you started.
  2. Logging In

    Each day that you come back to the website and login you will be rewarded with 5 points.
  3. Forum Posting

    We will reward you with 2 points for every topic you start and every post you reply to across the forums. This has a maximum limit per day.
  4. Social Media Sharing

    Everywhere on the website you see the social media logo's (including the left sidebar) click share and earn 2 reward points for each social site you share to (up to a limit). This includes blog posts, pages, band bio's and even forum posts too!
  5. Promo Videos

    We will be adding band and promo videos to the home page of the website from time to time. Watch the video's and earn a bonus of 10-100 points per video.
  6. Referring New Members

    Not yet active but you will soon get your own affiliate link. Anyone who registers on the website will earn points and you will get a 10 point bonus for bringing them to the website.
  7. Email Newsletter

    We will send you a newsletter, no more than once a month. If you open the newsletter, you will receive a reward of 5 points. There is a tracker on the email that tells us you opened the email.
  8. Ticket & Merch Purchases

    Every festival ticket purchased will give you 10 reward points. Every item of merch you purchase from the shop will give you another 5 reward points.
  9. Bonus Rewards

    Every now and then we will add bonuses or make points worth double. You just have to watch out for these bonuses. Usually around the same time as announcements are made.

How to spend reward points:

At present we have a few offers on. You can see these via the shop (click here). The offers will change from time to time depending on what we can get our hands on. This can be merch items, cd’s and music downloads or even VIP upgrades at the festival. Keep an eye out for the offers in your newsletter and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here’s the current leaderboard:


Spread the love and get BBFest reward points too!

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