Food Stalls

We have 3 food traders this year and all have given us their prices in advance. Below are the menu’s so you can plan in advance what to bring and what you can afford on site.

Plain w/butter £2.50
Heinz beans £3.50
Mixed salad with French or honey and mustard dressing £4.00
Mature Cheddar cheese £4.00
Mature Cheddar cheese & beans £4.25
Mature Cheddar cheese & homemade coleslaw £4.25
Mature Cheddar cheese & pineapple £4.25
Tuna & Hellmans mayo £4.95
Homemade chilli-con-carne £4.95
Homemade chicken curry £4.95
Homemade sausage in cider & onion gravy £4.95
Homemade vegetable bolognaise £4.95
Chilled bottled water & cans £1.00

Bacon bap £3.00
Sausage bap £3.00
Sausage and bacon £4.00
Bacon & egg/sausage & egg £3.50

Hot Food:
1/4lb Burger £3.00
1/4lb Cheese burger £3.50
Hotdog £3.00
Cheese dog £3.50
1/2lb burger £4.00
1/2lb cheese burger £4.50
Bacon cheese burger £4.00
Chips £2.50

Tea £1.00
Coffee £1.00
Hot chocolate £1.20
Cold cans £1.00
Water £1.20

(8 or 12 oz)
Soya milk & lactose free available
Iced Coffee
Tea Everyday & Earl Grey
Hot Chocolate with cream & marshmallows
Bottles of Water

Paninis all £4.00 each:
(Gluten Free available)
Create your Panini from 3 of the following:
Smoked Ham
Roasted Veggies
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Garlic Mushrooms
Black Olives
Cranberry Sauce

Baguettes all £4.00 each:
(Gluten Free Wraps Available)
Freshly baked white or granary baguette served with salad, home made chutney or mayo
Applewood Smoked Ham
Roast Beef
Roasted Chicken
Tuna Mayo
Cheddar, Feta or Brie

Friday Night is Curry Night! £10
Gluten free
Beef Madras
Red Thai Vegan Curry with Butternut Squash and Chickpeas
Basmati Rice
Naan Bread (Not GF)
Onion Salad
Spicy Bhajees
Mango Chutney

Saturday Night is Chilli Night!
Gluten Free
Vegan Chilli with pulses & beans £4
Beef chilli £6
Garlic Bread (not GF)

Sunday Night is Meatballs Night
Gluten Free
Vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto and edamame with fresh herbs £5
Meatballs in a flamed Red Pepper Sauce and Mediterranean vegetables served with pasta and sprinkled with cheese (optional) £6.00
Please order early if you need GF pasta

Breakfast Served until 10.00 am
Eggy Bread Bacon Butties £4.00
Fresh Fruit
American Pancakes

The Deli Kate Rules.
Breakfast happens from 9am
Tea and coffee will be available earlier - once the trailer canopy is opened.
Baguettes and Panini are made to order
Hot meals are served from 7.00pm when it’s gone its gone!
If you have a food allergy please tell us before you order, we can usually accommodate you.
We will probably close by 22.00 - it depends on how tired I get!

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