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Bar Prices

We feel that being transparent about every part of a festival is something that needed to be a part of what we are about at Breaking Bands Festival. When you go to a long weekend event, you wonder how much cash to take with you, how many crates of cider to have in the tent getting warm in the daytime etc.We believe knowledge is power and once again we have worked with the venue owners to get the bar prices fixed well in advance of the festival. That way, you know exactly what you are paying before you get there. These are the 2016 prices. the 2017 festival prices and menus will be added soon.

  • Carling - £2.80
  • Banks - £2.60
  • Guinness - £3.15
  • Shipyard Pale Ale - £2.80
  • Cheddar Valley Cider - £2.30
  • Thatchers Gold Cider - £2.90
  • Strongbow Dark Fruit - £2.90
  • Kingstone Press - £2.80
  • Stella - £3.00
  • Stoke Prior Smooth - £2.60

  • Kopperberg - £3.00
  • Newcastle Brown - £3.00
  • Desperado £3.00
  • WKD - £2.70
  • Budweiser - £2.70
  • Becks - £2.70
  • VK - £2.00 (3 for £5.00)
  • IPA - £3.00
  • Old Hooky - £3.00
  • J20 - £1.60
  • Fruit Shoots - £1.00

There will also be the special guest ale on tap. Name was chosen as BEERY MCBEERFACE and price to be confirmed but 10% of profits go to the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity. EDIT: For those wondering about the HOBGOBLIN for the festival... as you know we are having a special guest ale as the 'festival ale' with 10% of the profits being donated to charity through Paul Bielby. An executive decision was made on this. With the bar having a new location at the venue, they only have one ale pump. Hobgoblin seems to be an essential to the festival so we thought rather than another ale, lets put the Hobgoblin on as the festival ale as its pretty popular and more money will get raised for charity.
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